We are FLamily!
Lamar Muse
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1920 - 2007

Notes Of Remembrance

Lamar's obituaries

Lamar began with Central Airlines as President on May 1, 1965.
and served until the sale to FL Oct 1, 1967

Apr 1965 CN Skywriter article
about Lamar being hired as CN President

Photo of Lamar
from the same article

Lamar took some VPs to DAL in Jun 1965
and they worked as station agents

Lamar and J.L. Herring
got their hands dirty

Lamar and his tired crew afterwards
Jack Prather sent a note about this day

By Jun 1965, CN and Lamar
were looking at several jets including the Boeing 737

CN looked over the DC-9
in Aug 1965

CN took delivery of the CV Dart 600
in Sep 1965

Later in Nov 1965, CN and Lamar
took a look at the BAC-111

Lamar at a TBN station visit
in Nov 1965 when Dart 600 service began

After CN and Universal, Lamar ran Southwest
but resigned in 1978

Lamar started MuseAir in Jan 1980 with his son
and it became TransStar in late 1985, a WN subsidiary.

Lamar and Herb Kelleher of WN in later years

Lamar, seated, concentrated on charitable works
in his last years, especially in his hometown of Palestine, TX

We are FLamily
Jake Lamkins

Gone West But Not Forgotten!!!